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Indianapolis, Indiana Trusts Attorney

Trusts have a wide range of purposes and act as a viable alternative estate-planning tool. Trusts offer beneficiaries and the creators options that wills do not. At Cremer & Cremer, our attorneys are highly experienced in estate planning and will take the time to explore all of your options and alternatives. In the event that a trust is the appropriate option for you, we can help you create a trust instrument to suit your needs.

A trust allows you to designate a purpose for funds, protect against creditors, and minimize tax consequences. For more information about your estate-planning options and the benefits of a trust, please contact our office.

A trust may be a suitable estate-planning tool in the following instances:

  • A trust for an elderly person without family or trusted advisors can designate a bank as a trustee to pay the bills
  • A trust can protect loved ones and assets against creditors, lawsuits, and divorce
  • A trust can be set up for a person who is subject to creditor problems
  • A special needs trust can be used for mentally disabled persons and Medicaid recipients
  • A charitable trust allows you to designate funds for a specific charitable purpose with a trustee to carry out those interests, with the associated tax benefits
  • A trustee can ensure that your loved one’s needs are being met without spending the trust funds improvidently
  • An irrevocable life insurance trust can create tax free wealth for future generations to offset death taxes
  • A charitable remainder trust allows for a tax beneficial stream of annuity payments to family members and designates a charity to take the trust balance upon death
  • You can take an income tax deduction and an estate tax deduction in creating certain trusts

Trusts allow for the avoidance of inheritance taxes and estate taxes in certain cases and allow you to control the use of trust funds. When you are considering the creation of a trust, our attorneys will take the time to explain and explore all of your options and alternatives. We will also help you understand the consequences and your obligations in the creation of a trust. For more information or to speak directly with our attorneys, please contact our firm. We are happy to provide you with the information and tools you need to create an optimal estate plan.

Contact Cremer & Cremer for an initial consultation or case evaluation with an experienced Indianapolis, Indiana living trusts and estate planning lawyer. For over 40 years we have offered a tradition of service, advocacy, and results to business and individual clients statewide.

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