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Indianapolis, Indiana Wills Attorney

Making plans for the future of your estate is important to protect your wishes as well as your family’s security. At Cremer & Cremer, our attorneys are dedicated to helping our clients create tailored estate plans that effectively accomplish their immediate and future goals.

Do I need a will or a trust?

While trusts are becoming more and more popular in complex estate planning, many clients are better off using a simple will to distribute assets. In the state of Indiana, there may be an advantage to having a will instead of a trust.

Many people are creating revocable living trusts, sold on the basis that lawyers are receiving an inordinate amount of fees in probate. The truth be told, a revocable living trust may not save you money. While it avoids probate, a trust does not avoid the work in administering it. You may only need a will to accomplish your estate planning objectives. Our attorneys will take the time to review your options and help you make a determination based on need for a will or a trust.

Our legal team is experienced in the creation of wills and trusts, including:

  • Living wills
  • Simple wills
  • Pour-over wills
  • Powers of Attorney and Healthcare Representative Nominations
  • Revocable living trusts
  • Will contests

What if I don’t want my affairs following death to be made public?

The state of Indiana has unsupervised administration of probate. This means that a lawyer will only go to court once and file the will, but the inventory of estate assets along with estate accountings will not be made public. Furthermore, unlike other states’ lawyers, Indiana attorneys do not receive a fee as a percentage of the estate.

Can a trust help me avoid probate?

In creating a trust, you will avoid probate, but not the legal work and fees. Also, if there is a problem in drafting the document or a dispute among the beneficiaries of the trust, there is no judge to resolve the problem. In probate court, there is a judge to decide the case. There may be other reasons to create a trust, but avoiding probate should not necessarily be an overriding concern. Our attorneys can help you in creating a will or trust, depending on your needs.

Contact Cremer & Cremer for an initial consultation or case evaluation with an experienced Indianapolis, Indiana lawyer. For over 40 years we have offered a tradition of service, advocacy, and results to business and individual clients statewide.

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